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Co. Laois (accordion, céilì dancing, tin whistle)

Co. Laois (home set dancing workshop, countryside)

Co. Laois (Micheál LALOR, Half-Door Club, John SINNOTT)

Co. Laois (home set dancing workshop, Open Air céilì)

Limerick (Dolan's Pub, pub session, bill-board)

Limerick (castle) - Feakle (Co. Clare) (countryside)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (cimitery, church, Martin Hayes)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (countryside, Pepper's Pub)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (Pepper's Pub session)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (Pepper's Pub session, countryside)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (Galantini's son, afro lion, Billy at work)

Feakle Festival (Liam O'Flynn & Arty McGlynn, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill)

Feakle Festival (Martin Hayes, afro eagle)

Feakle (Co. Clare) (Irish girls, Tulla Ceili Band)

Galway (waterfall, Quay St., afro zebra)

Galway (Hernon Bros, Monroe's Pub)

Galway (Monroe's Pub session, accordion, fiddles)

Galway (The Crane Bar, pub session)

Ennis (Co. Clare) (O'Connell St., Ivan & Spanish friend)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (Bus Eireann, Crotty's Pub, Frances St.)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (brother & sister)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (pint of Smithwicks, Japanese 'Paddy and Bridget' & Michael Tubridy)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (young set dancers)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (Open Air Céilì, pint of Bulmers)

Kilrush (Co. Clare) (pub session, harbour houses & boats)

Ennistymon (Co. Clare) (youngsters set dancing) - Lahinch (Co. Clare) (beach)

Lahinch (Co. Clare) (youngmen) - Ennistymon (Co. Clare) (Billy at the workshop)
Kilfenora (Co. Clare) (Celtic cross)

Kilfenora (Co. Clare) (Vaughan's Barn) - Lahinch (Co. Clare) (sunset on the beach)

Ennistymon (Co. Clare) (flowers, horse, pub)

Ennistymon (Co. Clare) (countryside portraits)

Listowel 'Fleadh Cheoil' (Co. Kerry) (small and big stages)

Listowel 'Fleadh Cheoil' (Co. Kerry) (fiddlers, bodhrans, Billy at work)

Listowel 'Fleadh Cheoil' (Co. Kerry) (Irish/Mexican open-air dancing)

Listowel 'Fleadh Cheoil' (Co. Kerry) ("Oh, my God ! ")

Listowel 'Fleadh Cheoil' (Co. Kerry) (Mexican/Irish houses)

Listowel (Co. Kerry) (back to city) - Dublin (rambler's tools, Liffey)

Dublin (hostel, O'Connell Street, Molly Malone)

Dublin (Irish/Mexican bridges)

Dublin (Temple Bar)

Dublin (Mexican/Irish tourist attractions)

Dublin (telephone, bus stop, airport)

Dublin (above)