It does not make degenerates
The habit of dancing too fast and accelerating the speed, so prevalent of late years [1927], should be checked and discouraged; it tends to spoil the effect of both dance and tune and is at variance with the traditional style in which the pace was moderate and steady. This undesirable practice is particularly noticeable in the Single Reel, which is usually danced nowadays ar ns an sidhe gaoithe. Children's deportment should be attended to during the course of their training so that they may not dance with their toes turned in, or with shoulders stooped or contracted. Irish Dancing is cultural, graceful and diversified, it is also manly and athletic, and, as stated on high authority, "it does not make degenerates." The difficulty of step dancing has often been made to serve as an excuse for the apathy and indifference of many towards Irish Dancing altogether, but we have a number of interesting figure and other dances, some so simple that all may take part in them. Pernicious and degrading foreign influences must be combated and suppressed if our dancing and music are to be restored to their rightful place in the social life of our people.